Wet blasting of alloy engine parts.

First developed in England in the 1940’s,this is a process where water and compressed air is used to clean delicate parts and restore the finish to an ‘as new’ surface. Also known as vapour blasting or slurry blasting  ,it is almost a green process as no caustic chemicals are required to remove dirt and oxidation .

Pictured are a pair of Porsche 928 cam boxes (yes i will work on any quality car!) . the lower is a ‘before ‘ example with burnt on oil and badly oxidised surface. The above it is an example of the finish achieved by just cleaning. next pic shows a 928 cylinder head as removed ,again very oxidised . Thwe 3rd picture shows the bare heads,all clean ready for valves ,springs seals etc to be fitted.

Feel free to call about your parts restoration and what i can offer.



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