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Mercedes 220SE Restoration

 The Bonnet has been stripped to the metal and primed several times and is at last getting smooth enough . KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

The Roof however is a different matter. It has sever damage all over it some of which i hammered out and metal finished but some is too badly damaged to completely remove so it has been leaded . The darker spots are Low spots and the lighter spots are high spots revealed in the first primer and guide coats. It’s as if someone had gone over the roof with a ball pien hammer KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

The boot Lid is similar but not as bad as high spots made by things being carried in the have hit the skin . In the meantime other panels are also getting the primer ,sand,Primer,Sand,Primer routine too..

New roof on the workshop!!


Big Surprise today,Saturday 9/05/15. The roofers finally turned up to repair the damn roof. Because the old one was asbestos sheet,the whole shop had to sealed up while they removed every on top of the building. Amzingly it took only 8 hours to strip the old roof off and fit insulation ,then fit the new Zincalume roof.


Brilliant light now!.

lathe tool holder


I was sick of placing the lathe chuck keys etc on top of the lathe ,although it has been happening since the machine was built in 1968.


It’s a peice of 1″ thick plywood mounted on the upright from a small bench top drill press .the wooden circle is mounted to the shaft on a drive flange from a Mercedes diff. The little tray that the magnetic dial indicator holders are sitting (sticking too) on is the vice stand of the drill press.I can move it and lock it in any position. It’s bent to allow the wood part to be easily accessible…

More shop tools..

I made my own bead rolling machine a while back using a Kohler chimney pipe cutter frame ..used for cutting chimney pipeand crimping the ends so it can be slid together. most of the machine was missing which made it ideal for it’s new purpose. I made the dies from B1 steel for long life. I made a bunch of different dies before when i made a boot floor for a 1960 Buick electra 225.

Here’s a set i made this week for dong Mercedes Floor panels.

workshop 6 038

Roughed out on my Arad Romanian monster lathe…

workshop 6 039

Semi finished with a radius to match the original mercedes grooves.

workshop 6 042

mounted on the Kohler frame with a grub screw to lock it on the shaft. The reason the rollers are different sizes are because the Kohler gears were two different sizes….


Today I finally got this monster running and it is brilliant!! . it’s a romanian built Lathe with a 2 meter long bed and a 400 mm swing although it will take 600 mm if the bed gap is opened. It has 64 different gears with a fully powered Apron,with forward and reverse .

It weighs 3tonnes and has a 7.5 Kw main motor with a 3 Kw rapid  advance motor for the Apron power feed. It seems to run very quietly too for a machine made in 1968 . i bought it because it was cheap but it has taken a bit of work to get it running including a new main motor and contactor etc. This initial cost has been off set by the fact it came with some beautiful Lemora tooling ,made in italy with a quick change tool post and a few hundred dollars worth of drills and other cutter tip, tool holders etc.I think the massive elliot 4 jaw chuck was worth more than what i have spent on it.

 workshop 5 064