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300SE Lang Rust repair continued

Paint stripping.

We are now at the stage where the old paint has to be removed and new paint applied since all of the rust has been repaired . The sheet metal is in very good condition under the paint which is nearly all original and never been repainted .


New roof on the workshop!!


Big Surprise today,Saturday 9/05/15. The roofers finally turned up to repair the damn roof. Because the old one was asbestos sheet,the whole shop had to sealed up while they removed every on top of the building. Amzingly it took only 8 hours to strip the old roof off and fit insulation ,then fit the new Zincalume roof.


Brilliant light now!.

220SE coupe project update

To fit the coupe shell on the W126 floor pan. I had to gauge how much room was available to drop the body down and how much was still to be removed.

I had a piece of water damaged MDF board which I placed up against the coupe’s cowl. Using a sharpie marker I traced the shape of the inside .That will fit against the W126 cowl .


The peice i cut out of the middle fits perfectly in the hole.  So…i got that bit right…IMG_0025

I glued and screwed a piece of 1×2 pine batten on  the back of the template .I can now lift it up against the W126 firewall as I chop each piece off. initially i though ui would weld the W111 A pillar to the cut down W126 A pillar . In the end to fit the template I removed the entire A pillar.


IMG_0029At the start of this process, I put the template against the A pillar .

IMG_0031Now, there are two dimensions to this,the left to right profile and the Fore and aft Profile .

IMG_0033I took a profile off the W111 A pillar .As seen on the left,after the surgical removal of the W126 A pillar

.IMG_0027This is  the coupes cowl after I plasma cut the remnants of the heater box out . That’s the rear of dash,which will need to be removed anyway because it’s on the wrong side .

Next Job…cut the W126 rear wheel houses to fit into the coupe shell.

Borgward Isabella Solex Carburetor

i was asked recently if i could overhaul this Solex twin down draft carb. It’s a 32 PIAATA the same as found on Mercedes 220Sb W111 models of the early 1960’s. This one was making the car hard to start. Everything appeared normal on strip down but it’s missing a vital part,a valve in the accelerator pump.I’ve given the housings a clean while waiting for the gaskets to be delivered.

workshop 6 045workshop 6 044

There is also a special adapter for the Borgward manifold .

workshop 6 043