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Mercedes Benz 280SE 3.5 ute Engine swap .

Unfortunately the engine in the Moss green ute was damaged by who ever it was that did the soda blasting ( i hate that stuff….) .It looks as though the car was covered in the bicarb and then driven around their yard with the air cleaner off… or the air cleaner was clogged so they took it off and then proceeded to drive the car. Any how, the soda got into the engine and has ruined the rings and pistons . A combination which has destroyed any hope of compression and no compression equals no start. I stripped the m116 3.5 engine down and my worst fears were realised with massive bore wear IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0003IMG_0001

As usual the head studs were frozen in the heads and it was days work to remove the heads .The valve seats are pitted because of the biCarb soda .

After pricing the gaskets and rings etc the parts cost came close  to $6000 so after consulting the owner it was decided to fit a good 2nd hand engine . After a days hunting a M117 450SL engine was found and this is a Djet engine also so the engine bay will resemble a standard 280SE 3.5 .

IMG_0010 (2)

This has now been stripped and new seals fitted , the alloy parts have been wet blasted .The timing chain, sliding rails etc will be replaced and the injection system overhauled . The sump has been swapped from the SL short version to the 280SE 3.5 larger version .Water pump was replaced as it wasn’t known how long the engine was on the shelf.

The engine bay was pretty filthy so all of the dirt of 40 years was steam cleaned out in preparation for repair of the paint before the new engine goes in.

Mercedes Benz 220SE Coupe conversion


progress has been held up while i rebuild my Mig welder . But in the meantime I have begun the task of anchoring the cowl to the coupe shell. It involves a lot of fabrication of the various small bits to be welded into the body .Starting with the right A pillar.

IMG_0229 more of the W126 A pillar was removed,back to where it was originally welded to the cowl. This will make a cleaner stronger joint.


These will be plug welded then lap welded around the edges.



The last part will involve welded a second peie over the top of the top panel which will connect the inner guard (on the right) to the cowl.

220SE coupe project update,March 2015

A little progress,the car was placed on it’s wheels for the first time.


Now i can start thinking about stitching it all together .


Bracing remains in the car until the “A” and “B” pillars are connected permanently



220SE coupe body placed on Chassis .

IMG_0034My template showed where to trim the cowl on the W126 Chassis ,I was pretty close all in all and not much more needed to come off.

IMG_0035After a few hours trimming and adjusting the body is now sitting in place …..

IMG_0037  In this picture the coupes A pillar is now in the position on the chassis where the Original A pillar was .

IMG_0039Drivers side A pillar .Note how the sill is in the right place.

IMG_0040Thats a tie down strap pulling the shell further forward .

IMG_0038B Pillar showing how much rust will need to be removed .Same on Drivers side.

280SE engine Build up

The cylinder Block and Crank with it’s newly balanced flywheel arrived back yesterday  From Chiltons ,Here in brisbane.

As per usual the standard of their work is exemplary with the block bored to 4th oversize ,the crank crack tested and polished with the Flywheel modified to suit the balance of the crank.  The block was tanked with all of the plugs etc removed to blear the oilways and water jacket of any sludge etc. The red finish is Glptol applied by mercedes back in 1970,which even the  cuastic tank wont remove.

280SE manual trans  M130 001 280SE manual trans  M130 002 280SE manual trans  M130 003 280SE manual trans  M130 004

220SE 2.8 up and running

220SE manual 001   To convert an automatic trans engine to a Manual requires a bit of work

Pictured on the left is the original 220SE flywheel with segmants removed to match the rotating balnce of the drive plate on the right. .A lot of material had to be removed . The reason the 250SE engine vibrated itself to death was because this simple job had not been carried out.

220SE manual 004  it’s a bit hard to see here but the gear lever is that little thing between the seats.

220SE manual 005