Today I finally got this monster running and it is brilliant!! . it’s a romanian built Lathe with a 2 meter long bed and a 400 mm swing although it will take 600 mm if the bed gap is opened. It has 64 different gears with a fully powered Apron,with forward and reverse .

It weighs 3tonnes and has a 7.5 Kw main motor with a 3 Kw rapid  advance motor for the Apron power feed. It seems to run very quietly too for a machine made in 1968 . i bought it because it was cheap but it has taken a bit of work to get it running including a new main motor and contactor etc. This initial cost has been off set by the fact it came with some beautiful Lemora tooling ,made in italy with a quick change tool post and a few hundred dollars worth of drills and other cutter tip, tool holders etc.I think the massive elliot 4 jaw chuck was worth more than what i have spent on it.

 workshop 5 064


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