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Mercedes 300SE Lang

The Front drivers side has a bit more rust repair required esecailly under the brake booster. The booster had to removed because of a lack of brakes.IMG_0093

This is the section under the brake booster ,the round hole is where the booster is mounted to the car . this sort of corosion is caused by leaking brake fluid removing the paint .


This the front inner part under the positon where the air cleaner is mounted . Rust has eaten the inside of the upper chassis section out .


And… the underside of the booster . No wonder the car was idling fast and without brakes.

the new doors are in process of being derusted .:-)

Nest step will etch priming then priming in preparation for paint.

Mercedes 300SE W112

Most of the rusty panels on the left side have now been removed with help from the oner,Phiol. Phil ha flown in from Western Australia to see how it’s done..


IMG_0085 (1)

the lower sections have to removed to get rid of all the rust and restore the Strength to the body.


IMG_0082 (1)IMG_0089 (1)

as can be seen the jack point is rotten with rust opening holes into the cars interior .

IMG_0086 (1)

the bottom of the wheel house wall is removed to gain access to the rust .

IMG_0087 (1)

the rusted parts are ground off to the edge of rust free metal

IMG_0088 (1)


measn while in the Front the rusted parts have been sought out ,the left side is qite good (apart from the sill sections)


On the Right side the booster will have to removed to get at the rust under it, leaking brake fluid has stripped off the paint and resulting moisture has attacked the steel.


the bottom of the front chassis support will need to be replaced.


In the left front guard it can be seen that the PVC undercoating covered everything,unlike lesser Finnys.



The fuel tank sender shows that it is basically shot.


W112 Mercedes 300SE Lang ( Long wheel base)

All the way from W.A is this horizon blue 300SE with some serious rust problems. Not so unusual in a finny but serious enough to require a lot of work to rectify.

IMG_0056 (1) IMG_0057 (1) left rear Jack point has basically rusted right away,as someone has found in the past when attempting to lif the car .

IMG_0058 (2) IMG_0059 (2)


iIMG_0061 (2)Left rear boot box floor ,a normal rust spot and no worse than others .IMG_0062 (2) Rear box section ,no seriouis rust outs. 
IMG_0069 (1) Right front chassis strengthening member rusted out . Rain water gets inside this section and if the lower drain holes are blocked,they eventually rust away . This particularly bad as that is the air cleaner visible in the center.

IMG_0075 (1) Inner left boot box side .

IMG_0077 (1)inner left rear chassis mount.

IMG_0080 (1) Left rear anti dive link mount

IMG_0070 (1) Inner side of left front sill section .Showing sever rust. this will all be replaced .

IMG_0064 (2)

Steel spring installation where the air springs have been removed .