Rust and Decay..W107 450SLC Mercedes

today has been a funny one, A mate phoned me this morning to ask if I wanted a pair of 107’s .’well not really ” …I thought. but they are here now after our other mate,Neil ,dropped them off.  The funny part though is how my mate found them. He was looking at houses being advertised for auction on a web site and spotted these two relics parked in the front yard of onwe of the houses. He contacted the seller and id a deal because he wants the spot lamps and headlight washers on the red one . 

The Poor old 107 is famous rustbucket and these are no exception

English import

English import

workshop 5 083 workshop 5 084 workshop 5 085 workshop 5 086 workshop 5 087 workshop 5 088 workshop 5 090 workshop 5 089 workshop 5 092 workshop 5 093 workshop 5 094. The bodies of both are beyond reasonable repair. All other parts are for sale though…phone me with your wants and I will ship world wide.


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