Porsche 928 engine build


More progress on the Porkers V8 engine. A set of goetz rings have been supplied and fitted. 

The heads and cam boxes have been bolted on. A new cam had to obtained for the left hand bank. The old cam had snapped off at the shoulder ,where strangely, there is a sharp edge . Theories about these cams snapping include thing like the cam wheel being loose or not torqued up enough don’t apply here because the wheel tight on the stub of the broken cam ,as was the retaining bolt. 

over the last couple of days i have fitted the belt and covers,alternator and power steering pump. I’m just waiting for the rubber stands for the Kjet intake to arrive and the engine will be complete enough to go back into the car. Porsche 928 engine build 001

Porsche 928 engine build 002

Sump bolted down ...

Sump bolted down …

Heads bolted on

Heads bolted on

Pistons cleaned 10-1 compression ratio.

manifolds cleaned and fitted. 

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