280CE W114 Rust repairs continuation.

The car has been stripped to the bare metal to remove all old paint ,which has revealed a lot of dents and a few more rust holes.

Here the panels looked OK but were in very poor condition.

Here,the left front guard has the filler removed to expose a massive dent,Rust and general damage which is uneconomic to try and repair.

Another Door was sourced which is reasonable condition. While not perfect it is a better basis .

The Boot Lid is in pretty bad condition with damage caused by someone attempting to conceal rust with filler…

Here ,the new front guard is fitted to check alignment.

First coats of Primer to find small blemishes.

Drivers side front guard and dor repairs .A small rust hole at the front needs welding .

Inner part was remade and welded in .

First coats of epoxy primer .Guards are fitted up at this point.

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