280CE Rust Repairs Pt 4.

So most of the rust has been removed from the basic body shell and now the doors,boot lid and bonnet get attention. As the paint is removed lots of dents are revealed.

Boot Lid Rusted along bottom edge and into the frame. The skin has been damaged by someone making holes to “key” the filler to the skin,and which is 4mm thick in places. It has to be removed or the lid replaced.
Right rear quarter During rust and dent replacement .

After repair basics The tail light aperture has been remade .

Left Side rear quarter

Paint and thick filler removed .

Roof and quarter stripped to bare steel.

Driver side quarter replaced .
Drivers door has minor rust damage
Passenger side (left) Door replaced with NOS door

Passenger side door had been badly patched and covered in thick coats of filler so a better NOS door was sourced to replace that one .

Rear tail panel bashed in.

A bit hard to see here but tail panel was dented,then covered with filler, then dented later again . All of the old paint had to be removed to get the panel back into line.

Stright edge reveals how much it was dented.

The panel was pushed in 10 mm ,but filled instead of being straightened in the past.

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