Mercedes W114 280CE Rust Repair part 4 .

Right rear boot flange bowed inwards and rusted out .

Panels fabricated to repair rust ,both obvious and hidden.

Right rear boot lip was rusted out so it was removed,revealing hidden accident damage from the past.

Lower right part of this panel has been crudely bashed back into shape. Note the split on the curved part.
1/4 panel was removed to get access to the B pillar and internal rust .Sill panel is also secured under this part.

Pieces tacked into place replacing rusted out parts and restoring strength to the body structure.

Inner chassis rail rust removed and inside of chassis cleaned and painted.

New 1/4 panel fabricated and welded into place with new sill panel.
Inner wheel house section repaired
Left rear boot drop outer panel rusted and badly repaired in the past.
Left rear corner rust removed .
New outer panel to replace rusted section.
Inner part of left boot drop section repair section being made.
Panel welded into place.
New sections welded into place.
New boot lid flange section fabricated and welded into place.
Drivers side 1/4 panel final fitted and welded into place

Flood damaged engine and trans removed.
With the engine out , old repair work and bad repairs have been exposed.
Under the steering box is a large patch of silicone…! to hide a rust hole?

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