Mercedes W114 280CE coupe ust repair Part 3

After several months of holdups (massive flood and damage) I have started again on this car. The car is temporarily up on the hoist to get a better idea of which parts to make and repair.

The paint quality was so bad that it basically fell off revealing a badly damaged surface.

Right rear corner damage revealed after body filler is removed.

Left rear corner ,more hidden damage revealed.

Spare Wheel well bashed in and has to be repaired.

Left rear wheel house chassis section rusted through.

Left rear 1.4 boot drop outter panel rusted through and badly filled.

Left rear 1/4 full of filler.
Beaver tail panel above the exhaust damaged and was hidden by filler.

Rust holes in the rear floor as seen from under neath.

passenger side from underneath ,more rust under the seat cross member.

Drivers side,rear of front floor under the seat channel ,rusted through.

Light shining through holes in the rear of floor on Drivers side.

Passenger side rear jack point rust damaged.
Under passenger side seat channel,rusted out.

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