W114 Coupe Rust Repair.

This is a 1973 W114 Coupe, a 280E which has had some horrific rust repairs in the past. The Owner has asked me to replace the rust damaged floors which will require me to cut out the old ones to be replaced with new ones.

the pic on the left shows the type of repair, tape covered in black tar ,which has to be removed.

Center pic shows another mess covered in black stuff while the right hand pic from another car demonstrates what it is supposed to look like.

Rear Floor Next to hand brake mechanism , which shows a paper clip being used to hold the link pin in place.

Another part of the floor showing a rust hole full of expanding foam .

Another Veiw under anther W114 showing what the Drivers side floor and handbrake cable pocket should look like .Note the rust free jack point. on the Blue car this has rusted badly.

Left side jack point and what they are supposed to look like. right is NOT what we want.

This is what the left side rocker panel end and floor will look like when repairs are finished.

How the sills and floor should meet .this has largely disappeared on the blue car.

together in the shop.

The Sad remains of the floor … Skilfully hidden by covering with bits of rubber, lots of Polyfilla and tar.

A sample of the debris removed from one floor section.

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