1974 Mercedes C107 rebuild.

A customer has engaged us to rebuild his 1974 450SLC. This car has been rebuilt and maintained throughout it’s life including some time off the road in Storage. the paint is tired and flaking off so it will stripped back to bare metal,rust repaired and repainted before reassembly. it’s also rather special in that it will be four speed manual.

The car has been stripped to the bare shell in preparation for Stripping to bare steel .

The shell is very dusty after being in another shop for two weeks.

This is the right hand corner of the body, the body has little rust compared with others i have done over the years. that is a hole in the centre.
Top right corner of the cowl reveals more holes,but this is the result of bad repair work in the past It is how water got into the cowl made the rust hole at the bottom.
Another close uip of the right hand corner.
Manual Flywheel for the 450SLC, plus clutch. it is a used item but in very good condition.
it came from this engine, a M116 3.5 Djet engine which has had some work in the past and despite appearances, actually runs…and is for sale.
Both Cylinder heads are stamped with a rebuilders mark and have over heat tell tale plugs fitted.
Clutch and four speed trans as removed from the Donor car.
Damper on the 450 Engine covered in residue from a leaking water pump.
Suspected leaking head gaskets ,probably over heated because of the faulty water pump.
More external oil leaks
Engine is up side down in the engine stand ,oil leaking from rear of head.
Oil seepage from left hand head.

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