220SE Restoration Update.

Lots of work has gone into Priming the body. After the first 3 coats of primer to reveal any dents etc ,the bosywork was gone over again to remove the dents as much as humanly possible. This was followed by a coat of polyester to smooth the surface. This took 3 weeks of concentrated sanding to get smooth with most of it actually being removed in the process. Next step was the first layer of actual primer,a 2K high solid,high build primer. This is the polyester coat.D loh5


This is the first layer of primer with spots of glazing putty,these are  where low spots have been filled then sanded down  . The light helps high light flaws ,invisible normally.



next step is to apply PVC coating to  replicate the original undercoating .IMG_0187


The sills are coated .This is the right hand rear wheel house .

IMG_0188 (1)

This the right hand rear boot box. These panels are all new and again the finish is done to replicate the original rough textured look.



The boot area was stripped to bare metal to remove layers of old paint and bitumin underseal . Here it is 2K primer with PVC to help deaden Drumming



outside the boot is masked to prevent overspray from the boot paint landing on the primer.


Boot finished in the correct satin black ,as can be seen it absorbs light….All seams on the new rear panels are seam sealed to prevent moisture getting into the joins and causing rust.



Next step is to paint the door jambs and openings with the final base color .



The insides of the doors have been coated to reduce noise and prevent rust.


The final layer of primer has been applied and guide coat applied to reveal the last of any flaws that might not be visible until now. the boot and engine compartment are masked off here.


Sanding has begun ,after 8 hours constant work,only the right side was finished…


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