Mercedes Benz 220SE restoration part 14

One of the really important parts of an SE is the Fuel tank and on this particular car it has a very unique fuel tank.   Inside the tank there is normal swirl pot, but instead of the plastic one found in these normally,it has a sheet metal one,and this is going to make cleaning this tank a bit more difficult than normal .  IMG_0147 (2)

The patches on top of the tank are pieces of belting someone has glued on in the past in lieu of the correct stuff.

Another difference on this tank is the way the fuel hoses are connected, being screwed into the tank instead of being slipped over nipples.


in the bottom of the Swirl pot is one of these things, a fuel filter, these are available new ,which is good as they are often blocked up .


A handy device is one of these to look inside the tank and check for bad rust before cutting it open .


This car also has the early style large pump which lays on it’s side .Note the totally incorrect hose fitted. a fire waiting to happen!.


The hose looks to be the original hose,almost 60 years old!!!! and ‘fixed’ by wrapping some insulation tape around it.


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