220SE More rust uncovered.

deans W111 2015 027

today,Australia Day ,was spent cutting the passenger side sill cover off. It was pretty rough on the outside but under neath it was even worse . Two layers of rusty metal covered in a thick layer of filler…all very ugly The above pic shows what was under the filler, pataches welded and pop riveted into place..

deans W111 2015 034

Front of the sill covered in pataches, silicone bathroom calking and black bituminous under seal. All guaranteed to look ugly and dodgy. Note: No jack point…or even a hole for one!!!

ebayjan2015 055

Cutting open the pathes with the plasma cutter was slow because of all the layers of rust hidden underneath.

ebayjan2015 051

The inside of the sill revealed it to be the outside of another panel from another car. Someone had cut a curved piece from a wreck and stuck it over the rust

ebayjan2015 056

Above is picture taken from ground level pointing upwards. As can be seen the bottom of the A pillar has dissapeared completely along with jack point . On the left of the pic is another patech welded over rust but on the inside of the chassis rail. This has been removed and new chassis rail section made to replace the missing section of chassis.


Below, the double layers of metal 1/2 way through removal.


ebayjan2015 054

Below, this is remants of the front of the chassis after the patches on the floor were removed.

ebayjan2015 052


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