220SE rust repair, New sill panels

To celebrate the purchase of a new piece of equipment , 2.5 meter folding break, i got stuck in and made the two new outer sill panels. The originals are a mess of bashed in a rusted patches and have weakened the cars structure. The new onwes are made from 1.5mm Zincanneal steel and will last another 50 years without problems.

ebayjan2015 040

This ugly Monster is pretty big at 2 tons . The Drivers side sill is pictured clamped into the break . To give an indication of the size,the sill is 2 meters long .

ebayjan2015 045

This is my Temkplate for the section. From front to rear,the panel isn’t parrallel , it has a different profile from Front to rear . The right hand side of the template shown,is the rear of the sill panel and the left is the front.

ebayjan2015 041

Front profile.

ebayjan2015 042

Rear profile.

After this car is done I’ll have to paint the break….ha ha .

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