220 SE rust repairs

This car looked OK at first glance ,but a quick look underneath revealed previous rust “repairs”. Repairs  is a word incorrectly used in this context though. Once I pulled the interior out it was obvious someone has simply welded loose parts of steel over the top of something…. That something was revealed once I used the plasma cutter to remove all the scrap that had been added.

deans W111 2015 001 deans W111 2015 002

deans W111 2015 003 deans W111 2015 004

Under the left front of the sill ,the fairly new paint is peeling off ,not a big problem as it’s all coming off.

The jack point is missing!.

deans W111 2015 005 deans W111 2015 006

The box under the front seat has rusted away from the floor.

deans W111 2015 007

deans W111 2015 008

Pic on the left shows the patches welded into the inside of the sill box ,Drivers side.

deans W111 2015 012

deans W111 2015 010 Underside of the floor when the bitumen crap was removed.

deans W111 2015 011 deans W111 2015 013 deans W111 2015 014 deans W111 2015 019 deans W111 2015 020 deans W111 2015 021Patch removed

The inner edge of the sill was revealed ,once the patch was removed . The ragged edge of the steel is actually rust .The jack point is also missing on this side . The car is lacking in strength now which must be rectified before the outside of the sills can be repaired. This will include a new floor .

Floor turned out to be two layers,one welded over the other !! all this had to removed. Pic shows the rotten section from the drivers side floor.

  deans W111 2015 023

patch  pop riveted over the jack point !!

deans W111 2015 027

crappy patches welded over the rust ,all misshapen ,so covered in 1/2″ of body filler. deans W111 2015 029

deans W111 2015 030 deans W111 2015 031 deans W111 2015 032 deans W111 2015 033 deans W111 2015 034 deans W111 2015 035

All this will be removed .

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