W111 220SE Heckflosse Fourspeed floor change

A customer bought this recently with the knowledge there was a engine vibration.

Supposedly the engine was an automatic engine (bolted originally to a DB automatic) from a W108 250S. This was supposed to have been causing the vibration as result of a mis match of parts. I removed the engine to find a lot more than just an unbalanced flywheel …

The spigot bearing cover shows damage from some clown forcing the trans into place

theres also two different size bolt heads and that peg is so long that it was fouling the back of the block .

The timing chain was so worn it was loose to point where i could lift it over the sprocket.450EBAY 036 450EBAY 037

The crank bearings were destroyed,two of the bearing sets are welded to the crank and the bearing bores are flogged out,destroying the block. 450EBAY 039 450EBAY 040 450EBAY 041 450EBAY 043.

The prwevious owner had spent $17,000 on the body work and allegedly spent $4000 on the engine…hmmmm i wonder where?

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