Mercedes 220SE Restoration. August 2019 update!!


The final coats of paint are on and just need polishing now.



Moved out of the paint booth and taken off the Rotisserie .The shell is now on the hoist to receive all the under pinnings


The 6.3 is now headed into the booth to be finished .Here,it’s on the chassis rack which is on wheels


The Engine bay needed a bit of touch up so here it’s masked up so the paint overspray can’t escape


The finish is Satin Black but here it’s still wet so it looks glossy. This type of paint takes a few days to set properly.


Here is the trans tunnel and I’ve been refitting the fuel and brake lines. All of the clips have new rubbers and the plating restored.


The steering column is in place ,along with the front part of the wiring loom ,Horns and brake lines. The pad on the firewall has been replaced with a new one .All Australian Built Mercedes Car had a black Engine bay.


The cable here is the new generator cable ,with the Cold start Valve ,which is different to all of the later model 220SE’s which have the cold start valve in the intake manifold .

In the lower left of the picture is the aircleaner which has been restored . The brake reservoir has had the bracket restored


The cables,the cold start and flasher relays,ignition coil new brake lines are in place. The injection pump cold start wiring are in place .The Heater feed pipe is in place ,after being remade in copper to prevent it rusting out again . The little plaque on the left inner fender is the Body tag from the Australian Mercedes Assembly plant in Melbourne with it’s Australian only body number.


The Front and rear ends are nearing readiness for installation .


Here is the engine as removed from the Car initially .It needs a lot of oil leaks rectified and the valve stem seals replaced. I did a leak down test and it has good sealing and compression’s on all six cylinders.


a couple of days later and the crank seals have been replaced, The Damper had to be replaced because someone in the past had fitted it in the wrong place(the damaged one is sitting on the frame under the engine. .I have no idea of how they managed to set the ignition timing . The large black bracket is for the air conditioning compressor. All of the hoses have been replaced . There is a new water pump air bleed pipe ,and all of the mounting bolt holes needed to be repaired with helicoils.

All of the exhaust valve oil seals had been fitted incorrectly ,so they leaked badly.

Both intake and exhaust seals were replaced on all cylinders.

The timing chain is worn out as is the tensioner so those will have to be replacedto get the engine performing properly.


This is the inside of the Thermostat housing and as can be seen ,the seat for the bottom part of the thermostat itself has been eaten away over time so it wouldn’t have been working properly. This is very important with the mechanical fuel injection system which relies on the coolant circulating to the injection pump to set the cold and warm running mixtures.


Here, the corroded one on the left is compared with a good part.

Next… reassembling the engine trans together and fitting to the front in preparation for fitting into the car.

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