Mercedes 220SE restoration Part 9

img_0123Right rear Fender After paint has been removed which has uncovered a lot of small dents from a previous bad repair . A bit hard to see here but the panel is pushed in 8mm and will have to be bumped back to shape.


Bottom of right rear fender ,has had a patch roughly welded into place .Again this will have to be straightened out before painting. 


15″ x 7″ rims for another Project…..


Rear Axle was leaking so the boot was inspected ,and was found to be leaking because of this break . 


Rear homokinetic Joint is in good condition .


Pivot Bush is worn and will be replaced.


Boot interior had been brush painted in body colour ,over a bitumous based underseal ,so was not very attractive at all.  All of this coating has been removed and will repainted in the correct Dark gray .Lots of surface rust was found under this coating and this will treated to prevent it coming back. Coatin


Inside the rear wheel houses ,I found the rear vent drains blocked with something…ominous. 


Some one has taped over the rusted drains with masking tape and painted them…



Dents in the roof, hidden under 5mm of filler

The repair of the roof is on going ,mostly the removal of lots of hail dents but the latest discovery were a line of strange dents as if the roof had a bulge in it and some one has bashed it down .

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