Mercedes 450SLC C107

I have been asked to give this a bit of a tune up ,mainly a new timing chain , tensioner and rails . The Chain was badly worn but the rails were brown but OK, even though they are dated 1977 !!. IMG_0082

The car has only 120,000 KM’s on the clock and everything seems to point to this being original . Note: it has reflectors on the back, this marks it as being a South African car.

While it is here it will undergo a few repairs ,namely a new floor and redoing of repairs done by a well known vehicle restoration shop which can only be described as horrendous.


This is typical of the other shops disastrous work, dodgy ill spaded repairs covered in black bituminous underseal.


under this black stuff is a lot of bent and deformed metal which will have to straightened out and repainted properly. .IMG_0083 (2)

With the bitumen removed I could see what need fixing . The patch welded in recently was actually suck to chassis with sikaflex.

IMG_0082 (2)

IMG_0089 (2)

the patch was removed …

IMG_0086 (2)

a long with lots of filler.

IMG_0090 (2)A new piece of the correct shape was made and welded in.

IMG_0091 (1)IMG_0092 (1)

Inside the passenger side footwell some serious rust has been previously covered with patches ,IMG_0093 (1)IMG_0094

In this shot a hole right through to the left front wheel house can be seen .


The hole the patch covers is the main front chassis leg mount…. ! this will havwe to be repaired to regain the strength in the body shell.



In the Wheel house with the underseal removed , another couple of patches on the floor have been revealed .


Inside the Floor will be removed ,here the spot welds on the chassis rail are being removed so the panel can be lifted out.



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