Mercedes Benz W108 Steering box tools

IMG_0231occasionally refitting the heavy steering box into a Mercedes W111,112,113,108 or 109 requires a lot of time wasting wrestling to get the box sitting correctly .And that means ensuring the steering box,the column and steering linkage is all in sync. if it’s not ,strange things happen. .The steering will feel light and vague,the indicators will either turn off too soon or not at all and so on.

So,this brings me to the little tool i made today . it screws into a special hole in the power steering box and holds it in the dead ahead position. IMG_0237 Turning a M8x1 thread in a 400mm swing lathe is an odd exercise….


That’s only part of it. The column must be locked too,to enable the column to also sync properly with the steering box ,again so the indicators turn off at the correct time.


This is a steering column (upside down) .The thing I am holding is a lock pin which fits into a special hole in the steering shaft and prevents it moving while it is being installed.


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