280SE 3.5 Ute heater rebuild

IMG_0080 (2)IMG_0087 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

The heater’s motor was seized up from a dose of BiCarb of soda so the only option was to tear it apart and rebuild it. Even the gasket betwen the heater and the body was perished but as can be seen and i have seen this on all heaters,the gasket was never fitted properly,resulting in a turned down lip.


The rat nest didn’t help air circulation

.IMG_0104Control levers were [pretty dirty.

IMG_0090IMG_0091Heater matrix has was blocked with more bi carb….

IMG_0086Rubber seals were rotten too..

IMG_0096 IMG_0094 IMG_0097black heater paint looks grey in these pictures.

Controls were stripped , bulbs changed, everything cleaned and reassembled. Should look nice in the dash, eventually.

bIMG_0101 IMG_0102

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