220SE coupe project update 28/2/15

This thing has been going on for years. But today i lifted the body up and placed the chassis underneath so i can check for clearance ,fit and modifications that may be required .IMG_0144

The chassis is still mounted on the rotisserie where it has been for almost 3 years……


This is a close up of the left rear quarter panel bottom. An interesting use of silver foil and bog (bondo) to fill a rust patch. The inside isn’t rusted through but it looks as though i may need to make new panels to suit. IMG_0146

The patch can be seen here on the bottom. That primer was on the car when i bought it in Tennessee.


Left rear needs a fair amount of work ,might be easier to weld in a new panel . IMG_0149N

Not too much better this side with someone having bashed a dent out in past ….with a rock i think. IMG_0150

This is the right side panel ,normally there is a seam where the sill is joined to side panel . In this case the whole lot was brazed together then bogged over. i removed the sills and found they had been cut from another car..


This is the front of the right hand rear wheel house .Not as rusty as the floors were but very close. This needs to be kept to maintain the strength of the body side. So…more repairs and new parts to be made.


Left hand inner panel with part of the left wheel house . Not too bad either .IMG_0153

one last view before the hard stuff begins.

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