Care and maintenance for Pre 1980 Mercedes Benz automobiles. A simple statement  which encapsulates the work carried here at Benz Kraft . Everything from major restoration to an oil change is undertaken here .

The restoration of any early Mercedes Benz can be a lengthy and expensive process. Experience indicates that the best and most cost effective results are achieved by the owner and the restorer working in partnership, each understanding what is required, the decisions needed and the standards that are to be achieved.

The same applies to something as simple at the oil change with only quality Parts as specified by the makers are used because the owner of any mercedes sees their car as an investment and one which needs to looked after.

Some Mercedes Benz have been hand built. As a consequence, it takes the use of skilled craftsmen, each with their individual skills, working as a team, to restore or even just Maintain your mercedes Benz  to its former glory. Indeed, with modern materials and manufacturing processes, very often they are better finished, perform better and are much better protected from corrosion and time related deterioration.

We can even restore Alloy components to an as New finish with our specialised processing equipment so your Mercedes’ Engine looks and performs as it should .

Eventually we will be adding an engine Dynamometer to run test engines we rebuild  in a load situation to ensure that only the best results are obtained.

Do you have a question?  Call on +61 0402 413 373

4 thoughts on “About

  1. kumar balasingam

    Hello Ron,

    I had no idea you did restorations and will be calling the number later to chat.

    I have a number of 111, 112, 109s that need to be restored



  2. holdenittogether@optusnet.com.au

    Ron is a master mechanic. He has sorted out my 2 107 Benz’s one with Djet, one with Kjet, also my w124 wagon. Perfect every time!



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