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Early SL restoration

This is a link to the 2nd SL built by Daimler Benz as part of it’s post war effort to reenter auto racing…enjoy!!


More shop tools..

I made my own bead rolling machine a while back using a Kohler chimney pipe cutter frame ..used for cutting chimney pipeand crimping the ends so it can be slid together. most of the machine was missing which made it ideal for it’s new purpose. I made the dies from B1 steel for long life. I made a bunch of different dies before when i made a boot floor for a 1960 Buick electra 225.

Here’s a set i made this week for dong Mercedes Floor panels.

workshop 6 038

Roughed out on my Arad Romanian monster lathe…

workshop 6 039

Semi finished with a radius to match the original mercedes grooves.

workshop 6 042

mounted on the Kohler frame with a grub screw to lock it on the shaft. The reason the rollers are different sizes are because the Kohler gears were two different sizes….

Wet blasting of alloy engine parts.

First developed in England in the 1940’s,this is a process where water and compressed air is used to clean delicate parts and restore the finish to an ‘as new’ surface. Also known as vapour blasting or slurry blasting  ,it is almost a green process as no caustic chemicals are required to remove dirt and oxidation .

Pictured are a pair of Porsche 928 cam boxes (yes i will work on any quality car!) . the lower is a ‘before ‘ example with burnt on oil and badly oxidised surface. The above it is an example of the finish achieved by just cleaning. next pic shows a 928 cylinder head as removed ,again very oxidised . Thwe 3rd picture shows the bare heads,all clean ready for valves ,springs seals etc to be fitted.

Feel free to call about your parts restoration and what i can offer.